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  • Continuous Back-up and restoration services
  • Information technology analysis, strategy, and design
  • Server management
  • Around the clock security monitoring and unmatched protection
  • Network design, continuous maintenance, and support
  • Ongoing consultation
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Database management and integrity
  • Website maintenance
  • Spam filtering services
  • Unmatched anti-virus protection

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Our main focus is to get your computer working as it should. We are not there to pry into your personal files becase that is not our work's focus and we respect your privacy. We stay on task to get your computer working properly. The only time that we need to access personal files is when the nature of the repairs requires it, such as in data recovery. But even then, we only do so with your permission or if you ask us to check the data files for you. Sometimes we may need to make a backup of your hard drive in order to solve the problem; however, we will not keep this information once the problem is solved. Your personal information will be kept secure. Being aware that any business we may do with you in the future is built on us earning your trust, we take this privacy policy very seriously!

We pride ourselves in doing honest work. With that being said, we do not entertain unlawful requests such as hacking into someone's email or computer or do anything on the computer that is unlawful or disrespectful to the owner(s) of the computer. For example, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating and would like to install any software to track their activity, we consider that a violation of privacy. So we will not be able to help you in that regard.